‘Oh Lord, it’s hard to be humble’

Posted: September 23, 2009 in Uncategorized

Do you remember that ‘ol song from Mac Davis?

I liked the next line of that song too. Remember ‘when you’re perfect in every way’?  It used to make me laugh out loud. Especially knowing that I’ve always been WAY far from perfect!

But truthfully. what happened the last few days at my house has humbled me in a big way!  And the end of the story was truly PERFECT!

If you’ve ever seen a home makeover show at all, you know what it’s like.  There’s the “before” look, then there’s the highly anticipated “after”. But it’s the in-between part that always makes me crazy. That’s where the humble part comes in.

I literally ‘feel the pain’ when I watch the hard home transformations take place. Most of all, I feel sorry for the homeowner who has to humbly step aside and allow the “makeover specialists” to come in and do their magic. Unfortunately, that includes total strangers (most times) sifting thru the homeowner’s junk, scrubbing and cleaning thru the grease and the grime, eventually giving way to a beautiful new look.

Now, take the “strangers sifting thru your stuff” out of the picture, and imagine a large group of people YOU KNOW…WELL … going thru your stuff, cleaning, throwing out, then painting and remodeling 5 rooms in a 14 yr old house?

Well, THAT’S what just happened . I was humbled BIG-TIME when I received a little birthday surprise from my better half.  I had literally avoided inviting people to our home because of all the clean up/fix up work that needed to be done.

So you can imagine how shocked I was to find out about the 19 people who had been inside my house while I was away recently … many of whom were the ones I hadn’t invited over because of my “dislike” of  my home’s current state.

On top of everything else, my hubby has always been very allergic to paint. So I never imagined he’d take on any kind of major, all-at-once type renovation project! But that didn’t stop him from working a plan he’d had in mind for years. It was the BEST SURPRISE EVER!!

Here’s how it went down. What do you think?


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