Help Us Help Haiti

Posted: January 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

I haven’t written a post in months … literally.  I’ve been holding off, uninspired. Until now. I begin writing again with an URGENT personal request.

Please read this. Brent is a dear ministry friend.  His work for the Lord goes far and wide. And he’s unlike any preacher I’ve ever met. When it comes to todays youth, he can reach them like none other.

But tonight, he and his staff  at Brent Gambrell Ministries are truly reaching out like never before.  And their story is totally personal as they have a family connection in Haiti, where a catastrophic 7.0 earthquake hit and area where Brent’s heart is.

And it doesn’t stop with Brent … the personal story reaches deep into the heart of one of his ministry staffers, Missey Wilson and her husband Mike.  The Wilsons JUST returned from Haiti last week where they signed  final documents to bring home a precious, beautiful orphaned girl named Tia, soon to be their own.

Tonight, the Gambrells and the Wilsons are asking for our help.

Read their story on Brent’s website. Pray. Then consider what you might do to help us help Brent help Haiti. Then, if you would, please pray some more.  Will you commit?


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