My Prayer Is…

Posted: March 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

A few weeks ago, through my “day job” with LifeWay Women, I worked one of our events called “Going Beyond”. This is an event led by one of the most amazing bible teachers on platform today, Priscilla Shirer.

What makes it so amazing?

It’s the focus on prayer.

Yes, the worship led by Priscilla’s VERY talented and gifted brother, Anthony Evans, is nothing short of amazing.  Oh, how God uses him to lead women dead center before the Throne.  And Priscilla’s teaching?  Gracious.  She draws you in with her authentic love for God’s Word.  He uses her to make it real before your very eyes.

But again, it’s the focus on prayer during this event where God just “gets me” every time.

You see, as part of this event, we pray.  A lot.  Face down, hands stretched to the sky, prostrate on the floor, at the alter, in the balcony, in the hall.  Quietly, openly, With tears. With smiles. It is a precious time with the Lord.  And I feel pretty certain there is nothing out there quite like it.

And oh how God moves.

At the Going Beyond event in  Ft. Worth, like all of them, the participants are asked to fill out prayer cards.  During the evening session, the cards are brought to the alter.  Priscilla then leads in a prayer over the cards and for the women who poured their hearts and souls into them.

And hear me when I say, the prayer needs are all over the map.

Some praying for health issues, some their own, some for others.  Many ask for prayer for their marriages.  For their lost spouse.  For their lost children.  Some are grieving so, that is was truly ONLYv by the power of the Holy Spirit that they were able to make it past the threshold of the church to attend the event.  The needs go far.  The needs go deep.

After the Friday evening portion of the event, Priscilla returns to her hotel room.  With her, hundreds and hundreds of cards that begin with the words “My Prayer Is …”.

Priscilla reads every one of them.  I tell you the truth. EVERY single one of them. Many nights, according to her husband Jerry, Priscilla loses many hours of much-needed sleep, as she prays and cries and asks God to intervene in each and every situation.

Saturday morning brings an optional prayer experience where Priscilla continues to lift up the needs of each woman there, with attentive prayer to those who left cards on the alter the night before. And to say that God moves mightily during that time is simply an understatement.

As the event closes Saturday, understand that the cards are NOT left in a pile in the corner.  They are NOT thrown in file 13.  They are NOT dismissed as some “part of the program” that will be replaced with a new set of cards at the next event.

The cards are divided among those who attended and those of us who worked the event.  We then commit to praying daily for the needs listed on the card.  And even if we never hear the “end of the story” this side of Glory, we pray.  We pray.

My prayer is...

This is my card.

I don’t know the author.  I don’t need to know.  What I DO know, is this woman has a heavy heart and she laid it at the cross that weekend.  I’ve carried this prayer card with me since the day I left Ft Worth, and I’ll continue to do so until there’s nothing left of it.  Clearly, the tattered card has already been through a lot since that February weekend.

Today, I share it with you, as I believe the anonymous writer of this card would be honored to know you were praying for her.   This is how her precious card read:

“My prayer is … that God will save Freddy.  Heal my heart from this our broken marriage. Save my children that they may have a personal relationship with Christ. Deliver me from all ungodly relationships and make plain my spiritual gift and that I may begin my walk in it today”

This is where the rubber hits the road, my friends.  Whether you are an infant in your relationship with Christ, or a mature believer of many years, a small group leader, Sunday School teacher or a pastor’s wife.  We are called to pray.  And it is no coincidence that you landed here today.

I’m believing, along with Priscilla and other sisters who attended Going Beyond with me in February, that God is going to do an amazing work in the lives of those who asked Him to move in these requests.

That is my prayer today.   Would you join me and make it yours?


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